Be More Active

How Ken changed his life, and can help you change yours too.


The Difference Between Comfort and Happiness

Another groundhog day sees the clock slowly ticking towards home time. Is it Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? Every day the same; a 40-hour week spent working, 15 hours a day spent sitting (in the car, at a desk). My shoulders feel the strain of a position spent looking at the screen, my eyes feel the stress of continuous fluorescent lighting. Yet, my foot keeps tapping that same fidgeting rhythm that it’s had since school, rapidly trying to tell my brain that I wasn’t made to sit still. What if it could be different? What if I could just walk away from these corporate chains that bind me? How does that feel? An excitement surges, my body feels stronger just knowing that life doesn’t have to be this way, and with that thought, I pack up my desk and run.



Tick-Tock. Just another 20 minutes and I can go home. . .

Through a series of decisions taken over 3 years, I have a desk job. Somehow, this doesn’t gel with my childhood spent running, skateboarding, snowboarding, and practicing Jiu-Jitsu. I try to pacify the younger me, so focused on the need to move, by running to and from work, finishing marathons, embracing trail running and mountain biking.

Tick-Tock. 15 minutes ...

I have a good job, I work hard. Yet I am so unfilled that I’ve started a quest in self-improvement, challenging my own fitness performance, and the more I push my body, the more I am surprised by how the body becomes stronger in response to training stimuli. Our immune system is a miracle, innate with self-healing powers. Our body is flexible, agile. Our body is a gift and yet we punish it by never letting it feel its true potential. Just 10 more minutes and I can feel my purpose.

Tick-Tock. 10 minutes. . .

My own self-improvement has been a thirst - embracing personal training courses, natural movement training principle, and nutrition. A thought I can’t get out of my head, what if it’s not just me? What if others feel the same? I look around, everyone is concentrating and slumping, with tense shoulders, staring at the screen. Many complain about back or other physical complaints. What if, in helping myself, I could help them? As the thought boosts adrenaline, I find it even harder to sit still.

Tick-Tock. 5 minutes. . .

As these ideas consume my thought process, my resentment for the chair grows. Can I keep sitting here, for 5-years? For 25-years? It wasn’t so long ago that we used to live more harmoniously with nature and when sports for exercise wasn’t needed because we stayed strong through natural movements that were important to function, to help each other and to protect.

Tick-Tock. 2 minutes. . .

What if we could return to more natural movements? What if I could start this revolution by practicing it myself and then empowering others to learn skills that facilitate daily life? The body would grow stronger, allowing for the enjoyment of active hobbies, playing with children and grandchildren. It would be possible to change peoples’ lives just by encouraging them to move.

"BE STRONG TO BE USEFUL – George Hebert"

Home time.

I leave my desk chair, not for the very last time but something inside me has been sparked. A new life beckons – a life as a Personal Trainer.