Women's Only Boxing

Gain confidence and strength, with not one sweaty man in sight

Calling all women who’ve always wanted to try boxing, but were put off by the fact that the sport is predominantly male orientated. Be More Active is offering a weekly female only boxing class taught by a female instructor, with no sweaty men in sight. Feel confident walking into our studio knowing that all the woman there want to get fit, learn defence and have fun.


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What is Muay Thai?
Muay Thai is a form of martial arts practiced predominantly in Asia, particularly in Thailand (where it is the country’s national sport). The variation of Muay Thai most practiced today uses kicks and punches (in a ring, with gloves similar to Western boxing). Our lessons focus on stance, footwork, balance, a range of punches and combinations, counter punching, defence, creating angles and much more.

Our instructor Karlien says. . .
“I’ve been Thai boxing for five years at Fai Mai in Hoeilaart, having started at just fifteen years old. Four years ago, I began to participate in competitions and gained my brown belt. My day job is actually as a student at UCLL Heverlee, studying to become a primary school teacher. My love of boxing stems from the fact that the sport is so versatile, promoting good posture, healthy body shape, confidence and a good state of mind. Until now, I have trained only with males so a new challenge arises for me in teaching and training women. I’m really looking forward to making it fun and promoting a love of boxing, starting first with the basics. I look forward to welcoming you.”

What to bring:
Comfortable clothes, water, motivation.
Every Wednesday 8pm-9pm and Friday 7pm - 8pm
 at the BeMoreActive Studio.

Get fit, lose weight, get agiler, socialise, loosen up, and get stronger with a Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) programme that offers warm-ups, Thai boxing techniques, and cool down. The classes are progressive so you don’t have to have any boxing experience to start with, making them a good starting point for women of all ages and abilities. In each of Be More Active’s boxing classes, you will learn the principles and movement behind both attack and defence without ever competing in a ring or sparring.

As well as getting fit, Muay Thai boxing teaches you to defend yourself with a sharp mind, strong body and a skilled technique.