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Pose Method - Learn The Most Efficient Way To Run Faster, Longer And Without Injury

Whatever stage you are on in your running journey, it’s highly likely that you’ve asked yourself how you can run faster or longer, or without injury. The fact is, running is a cornerstone of many sports (including basketball, football, CrossFit, and gymnastics) and it’s impossible to improve your form in these disciplines if you don’t first look to improve your running technique. Even if your interest in running focuses solely on the enjoyment of doing just that alone, it’s important to frequently take stock and ask yourself if you are running in a way that is not only efficient but also minimises your chance of injury.

But We Are Born To Run

It’s true, we were – but, unfortunately, we don’t always run in the way we were made to. If you have the opportunity, take a look at how small children run and you will see how natural and intuitive the act is to them.   While some of us might continue to run that way well into adulthood life the majority of us, however, have been subjected to desks, lifestyles of inactivity and, along the way, we’ve lost the innate ability to run as we are meant to. However, instead of accepting this and striving to work on a technique which is naturally adoptable by us all – many people simply return to running with a ‘just do it’ mentality which is not only conducive to injury but also frustration when progress is difficult. This is where good technique training comes into play.


Technique training

It’s generally accepted that technique is the cornerstone of sports disciplines and movements, whether that be ballet, tennis or martial arts. Running is no different, learning the correct running ‘pose’ is as fundamental as having the optimal backhand low serve technique or the perfect pirouette practice. The good news is; the perfect running technique (and ‘pose’) can be taught, learned and, better still, very quickly implemented. Introducing the Pose Method of Running.


What is the Pose Running Method?

The Pose Method of Running technique has three key elements; 1) Pose 2) Fall and 3) Pull. It is specially crafted to work with gravity as a way to drive forward motion instead of just muscular effort, ensuring less chance of injury, faster speed and endurance over a longer distance.

When you master the Pose technique you’ll learn that landing under your body (and not in front of you) minimises injury, while a good fall position will increase speed and a high cadence and quick pull are conducive to powering you for longer distances.

How can I Improve my Running Technique?

The good news is, Be More Active offer Pose Method Technique training in a range of accessible ways including individually, through small groups, in clinics and even in booster sessions. In each technique training, you can expect a warm up, stretching session, a before video which will later be compared to your ‘after’ video, theory that is supported by practice and plenty of running drills which will help to map your new skills into your brain.

Learn To Run

The next Pose Method Technique Session is incorporated in the Learn to Run Session, starting Monday 16th April 2018 for 12 weeks.

Classes every Monday and Thursday from 7pm-8pm

Running Technique Refresher

Alternatively, why not sign up for our Running Booster session which will focus solely on Pose running technique. See you there!


POSE Running Technique Clinic

Sign up now for the next POSE Running Technique Clinic  which combines theory and practice with dynamic warm ups and drills. Individual video analysis before and after. See you there!

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pose method
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pose method

“Simplicity itself is the key. Education in ballet, dance, martial arts, etc., is done through poses, or to be more precise, through a countless series of poses. Perfection of movement is achieved through the flow of perfectly rehearsed poses.”
― Nicholas RomanovPose Method of Running