Better Body - Park Move

Better Body gives you a fitness boost in a natural and playful way.
Natural personal training in park or forest gives a healthy, fit feeling.

All Better Body - Park Move sessions are designed to make you feel good. Forget about endless empty repetitions in a boring classroom, but imagine a healthy, inspiring location in which your body can rediscover itself, moving in a more natural way.
Both the location as the type of exercises will have a huge positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

- Training outdoor will boost your mood and metabolism.
- Working in a small group - between 6 to 8 people - allows for a personal approach. The almost one-on-one training makes sure you receive the support, instruction and attention you need.
- Balance, flexibility, core, ... All exercises revolve around connection between mind and body.
- Each session challenges your body in a different way, ensuring progress and continuation.


Natural movements are movements that your body was designed to do. Nothing artificial or complicated. Crawling, climbing, swinging ... are techniques we master by intuition and have a positive impact on our fitness level.

We will add a few basic pieces of equipment - weights, dumbbells, exercise bands and floor mats - to get the most out of our own body. Our surroundings will become our fitness playground, making the most out of bars, benches and branches.

We train outdoors whatever the weather, allowing nature to naturally increase endorphins and serotonin. Research also shows that working out outdoors can help you stick with a regular exercise plan.

Better Body – Park Move is for all levels of fitness, both beginner and advanced. The only requirement is that you must be able to run 15 mins without stopping. If that's still a bit hard, no worries: we offer ‘Learn to Run’ sessions which will get you on track.
Every Monday morning at 09.15 at Tervuren Park