A natural way of moving

Taking inspiration from martial arts, dance, gymnastics and other natural movements, Move! takes you through sessions that make you stronger, fitter, leaner, and which increase your mental agility. Most importantly, Move! encourages you to have fun as you move.

The weekly sessions are designed to improve posture, coordination, mobility and strength. They are geared to teach you the principles of injury-free movement that can be applied to exercise and training, as well as your everyday life.

Sign up to Move! if you want to. . .
- Have a better awareness of your body
- Free your body from any pains caused by inactivity
- Avoid repetitive, boring exercise movements
- Discover capacities you never knew you’d love
- Understand the difference between 'exercise' and 'movement'
- Make moving fun again!

Move! is suited for all levels of fitness. We welcome everybody to come along and learn how it can help you fulfil your own movement goals.

As children we learn to roll, climb, jump, crawl, squat, walk and run. The older we grow, the more we are told to sit, whether in school or at our jobs. A pattern of stay-put behavior begins, carrying us into adulthood.
Many people counter this with sports to stay active. But undertaking one specific sport can lead the body down a path of repetitive actions when, in reality, a wide range of sports or movements is far more beneficial. After all, a body is not robotic. It is not designed for the repetitive motions that work for machines because they cannot get injured (like the human body can).

For those who don’t pursue a path of sport, the lack of inactivity results in the loss of movement and flexibility that we had as a child.

The bad news is, the loose movement we had as children takes a lot of time and work to restore. The good news is, it is totally possible to restore flexibility when you don’t just chase goals that pivot on weight loss, gaining muscle or getting fit, and start looking to establish a solid movement base.

Move! is based on the principles of Natural Movement, inspired by the teachings of Ido Portal, Rafe Kelley, Tom Weksler, Fighting Monkey and more.



Every Monday from 19.15 until 20.15 at the BeMoreActive Studio