Baby and me

Conquer the baby belly!

Having a baby is life changing. A lot of things aren’t the way they used to be, including your body and fitness. Baby and me helps you to reclaim your body, gain confidence and get back on track, without having to leave your new-born behind. No babysitter, crèche or excuses!

Baby and me is a 6-week indoor boot camp class following a tailor-made programme aimed at young mother’s post-partum. Simply put, it’s the ideal way to get fit together with your baby. The classes will wake up your post-pregnancy (and sleep-deprived) body, focusing on strength, balance, posture and coordination. Special attention is drawn to the core muscles that have been changed throughout your pregnancy. Exercising also increases your serotonin level, warding off the effects of post-natal anxiety.

The exercises are made to share with your baby, allowing you to stay connected and bond. As they grow, babies will naturally offer you the change to use a heavier weight. All exercises are also designed to be able to do at home and integrate in your everyday life, so you can follow through whenever it fits, without complicated or expensive equipment.

young mother does physical fitness exercises together with her baby

Who is it for?

Any new mum (or dad!) on their postpartum journey as long as baby is not yet mobile. The class caters to all levels of fitness – total exercise novices, as well as mums who maintained a good level of fitness during their pregnancy.
Take a look at Buggy Bootcamp too, our outdoor training sessions that you can perfectly combine with Baby and me.

Am I ready?

As part of the registration, you fill in a pre-training questionnaire which details all we need to know about your body at this exact time. Baby and Me Indoor-Bootcamp is designed for all mums, regardless of their delivery (including C-sections) but if you are in doubt, speak to your post-partum caregivers who can advise you if you are ready to start Baby and Me Indoor-Bootcamp (or any other form of exercise).


What to bring?
Yourself, baby, and a good dose of motivation. Unlike Buggy Bootcamp, no buggy is needed.

When? More info will be released end of August.

Radiant Light Yoga Studio, Rue Saint-Quentin 36-38, 1000 Brussels.

Feel like something more personal?

Perhaps you want an exercise program that specifically addresses your needs, or just some one-on-one time to complement the Baby and Me sessions - simply get in touch with our Personal Trainer, Ken, to find out more about individual training sessions with, or without, the buggy.