Training inspired by natural movements

The philosophies and methods of the MovNat physical education programme are an integrated part of all sessions and trainings at BeMoreActive. As a licensed trainer, the studio is the very first recognised MovNat gym in Belgium.
But what exactly is Natural Movement?


Made to Move
Forget about counting calories, how much you can lift, how long you can run on the treadmill. MovNat is inspired by the skills and competencies that humans are inherently capable of: hunting, foraging, migrating, climbing, and other essential skills that were simply needed to survive. Nowadays, these acts (which we we refer to as ‘Natural Movement’® ) are on the downslide, replaced by long commutes in vehicles, food from supermarkets, and long hours spent at desks. Our modern environment does not require physical performance and, for many, fitness has become a burden instead of a natural way of living.

Rediscover your inner child
MovNat steps up with a school of thought that aims to reconnect you with the Natural Movement®. As children, we are all capable of crawling, jumping, climbing and running. The way we live now - sitting behind desks, driving a car, staring at screens - makes us loose contact with those types of movement and exercise.
Thankfully, it is never too late to reconnect with nature and rediscover your inner child. The MovNat methods will evoke the wonder, strength and mobility you had as a kid while improving conditioning, physical and mental health, vitality and relieving pain.

Claim back movement
Through a range of MovNat workshops and regular Be More Active training sessions, you can start to explore your body’s total range of motion and agility. In the Be More Active studio (indoors, outdoors, and surrounding areas), you can gain new skills and connect with your own strengths and possibilities.

Discover the MovNat approach!
Movnat Elements - Full Day workshop
Saturday 3rd of February